Tips When Doing Your Prom Hairstyles

Along with all of the excitement a certain amount of anxiety always creeps in when teenagers are faced with their upcoming prom. For a girl, this may include wondering whether someone will ask them to go. For a boy, they may worry if the girl will say yes when asked. Yet after that is out of the way, most girls begin to concentrate on things such as prom gowns, prom shoes, how they will do their makeup and prom hairstyles. For the hairstyles, you will be able to find many different sources containing hints about the different styles available.
One nice thing about hairstyles is that along with the more traditional up-dos are new ones that are constantly being created as well. You should experiment with many different styles, some that you have tried before and perhaps some that you have always wanted to try but have never had an occasion to go all out.
Remember that formal prom gowns and short prom dresses will likely call for very different hairstyles, so don't decide on your hairdo until you have the dress. If you can't afford to have your hair coiffed professionally, then look online and in magazines for ideas and try to get someone to help you do your hair. You can always add a ribbon to your hair that is the same color as your dress.
There are several different prom hairstyles that begin with a simple ponytail; for example you can put your hair up in a high ponytail and pull several strands down around your face and neck. Perhaps you can even slightly curl the wisps of hair that you pull free from the style. Or, separate a ponytail into two sections and then twist each of the sections into random knots that are pinned to the back of your head, again pulling small wisps out.
Try putting your hair into a ponytail that starts at the midsection of your head and use ribbon that matches your prom gown to weave a crisscross effect into your hair. If you decide to wear your hair in a ponytail, then use large curlers in your hair to create curl and bounce and perhaps finish it with a shine spray. For a no fuss party do, simply pull hair into two equal pony tails, either high or low, and then knot the two sections together. Use bobby pins to secure or to hide any stray hairs you don't want. Don't forget that weaving flowers, real or silk, into your hair is a great way to enhance the style with a great feminine touch.
Don't feel left out of great prom hairstyles just because your hair is short. One very trendy look is hair stencils and they actually look better on shorter hair. You can choose one that is already made or design your own for a look that you know will be completely unique. This is something that you can do by yourself, but it is usually a little easier with help. Once you have decided on the design you can choose a color that matches your prom gown or simply use a gold or silver glitter spray.

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